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VR experiences for management education

XR Library

VR experiences for management education

FMB background
Paradoxical Leadership at FMB

Achieving sustainable conservation for Fundação Maio Biodiversidade (FMB)

Consulting, Sustainability, Strategy, DEI, Leadership, Organizationl Behavior, Decision Making, Team Dynamics, Change Management, Crisis Management, Financial Decision Making
Avocado trailer
Avocado Shake

Creating a sustainable competitive advantage 

Consulting, Decision Making, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Change Management, Marketing
Mission to Mars – New horizons

Leadership and effective communication

Communication, Creativity & Innovation, Decision Making, DEI, Leadership, Change Management, Organizationl Behavior, Team Dynamics, Crisis Management
mars airlock bacground
Mission To Mars - The Airlock

Developing and assessing crisis management skills

Communication, Consulting, Decision Making, Organizationl Behavior, Leadership, Team Dynamics, Crisis Management, Crisis Management
Merging Realities

Managing Growth through Acquisitions & Integration

Communication, Consulting, Decision Making, DEI, Governance, Leadership, Change Management, Negotiation, Organizationl Behavior, Strategy, Sustainability, Crisis Management, Financial Decision Making