Mission to Mars - Building a Home

Ideation and innovation in teamwork

Mission to Mars - Building a Home

Ideation and innovation in teamwork


Ares Mining Base is doing well and is getting ready for the arrival of Ares 3 – the most expensive and largest expedition yet. In order to support three times as many people, a new base needs to be built fast. But a flaw in the design was found, and now a new design needs to be made and manufactured before Ares 3 leaves. Mission Control needs the input of Ares 1 & 2 to produce an optimal solution for how to design the new base camp. The teams will set out on a design hackathon to provide proposals, and may the best team win! Learners will observe both teams working and interview team members, assess team dynamics and attitudes so they can recommend the best solution for Mission Control. This experience takes learners on an ideation and innovation journey, exploring what it really means to work as a team towards a challenging outcome and understanding that not everything that seems polished is actually effective.

Communication, Creativity & Innovation, Decision Making, DEI, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Organizationl Behavior, Team Dynamics

Learning objectives

  • Managing creativity and innovation processes
  • Ideation versus Implementation challenges - when to shift gears
  • Fair Process Leadership for group creative decision making
  • Observing and assessing team dynamics, attitudes and effectiveness
  • Uncovering subtle and hidden elements in group dynamics
  • Discovering different attitudes towards conflict

Unique Features

  • Narrative fork
  • Interactive environment
  • Assessment questions
  • Self-Navigation
Type of experience
Immersive Simulation
Duration of VR
Charles Galunic
Jennifer Petriglieri
Spencer Harrison

Experience segments - 5

Segment 1
Segment 2
Ares 2
Segment 3
Interactive rooms
Segment 4
Remote work formats
Segment 5
Outdoor scenes

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