Mission to Mars – New horizons

Leadership and effective communication

Mission to Mars – New horizons

Leadership and effective communication


The year is 2055. ARES 2 space shuttle is on its way to Mars when a shocking accident occurs. Now, ARES 2 must lose a significant part of its payload to be able to safely land on Mars. 

In this experience, participants are immersed in0 ARES Mining Mission Control and in the Mars Base Camp, asked to make a tough decision on the payload cut. Working in teams, participants will gather information and share it between themselves to achieve the best solution, and save crew life and uphold mission objectives. The clock is ticking as the ship gets closer to Mars. What will you decide?

Communication, Creativity & Innovation, Decision Making, DEI, Leadership, Change Management, Organizationl Behavior, Team Dynamics, Crisis Management

Learning objectives

  • Effective decision making in complex and ambiguous situations
  • Sharing the uncommon - how to tackle information biases in teams?
  • Listening to minority voice in team decision making
  • Encouraging minority dissent and listening to others’ perspectives
  • Balancing efficiency with curiosity and innovation
  • Debriefing – how to learn from success and failures

Unique Features

  • Narrative fork
  • Behavioral data (Heatmap visualization)
  • Interactive environment
  • Interactive interviews
  • Value based decision making
Type of experience
Interactive Simulation
Duration of VR
Charles Galunic
Jennifer Petriglieri
Spencer Harrison

Experience segments - 5

Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 3
Segment 4
Team Interviews
Segment 5
Item Selection

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