VR technology, Immersive VR case studies, services


VR technology, Immersive VR case studies, services

Hundreds of live sessions (remote and on-premise) and tens of thousands of learners have helped us refine a set of simple steps to help you achieve your immersive learning goals. The tech solution proprietary to AVRIS, together with INSEAD-XR’s premium content, make up a turn-key solution to help you seamlessly integrate Immersive Learning capabilities in corporate or academic settings. Even if you already have some VR experience and infrastructure, we’ll help you augment these and make sure you generate maximum value.

Our solution consists of three complementary elements:

  • Technology - proprietary software and off-the-shelf hardware
  • Content - premium grade and market tested immersive simulations
  • Professional Services - together we deliver an end-to-end solution that is adapted to your needs


VR is a technological enabler, allowing learners to grow through experience and practice. VR will enhance your teaching and learning capabilities, and help make learning more engaging and impactful. Immersive experiences are based on 360 videos, some in real life environments, others take place in computer generated surroundings, taking learners to remote and fantastic places.

There are Documentary Experiences exposing learners to real places and organizations, allowing them to experience cultures and practices from around the world. Scripted Simulations are inspired by real life challenges, but allow a controlled and safe environment for learners to explore and discover in an interactive, gamified and engaging way.

Select your content

Select the most suitable case from our library to help you drive your teaching and learning objectives in the most impactful and innovative ways possible. The library offers a selection of learning assets in different disciplines and essential skills in business and management. All experiences are vivid, interactive, and with the right facilitation, transform any session into an exploratory journey.

Once you’ve chosen the experience you would like to use, you can start diving into the details - how to teach it in the context of your class, what is the data potential of the experience, how to engage your learners and learn how the authoring professor recommends to teach this case. You will find teaching assets such as slide decks, teaching playbooks, theoretical background, suggested discussion points, and cheat sheets to help you prepare for an engaging session.

Our team is at your disposal to advise on setup and provide support before, during and after the class.

Simple to Use
Immersive Learning Software


To ensure easy onboarding and meaningful learning experiences, we use proprietary software belonging to AVRIS, tailored specifically for learning and live-session facilitation, making the integration of immersive technology faster and simpler. 

There are two software solutions developed by AVRIS that work together to let you run the VR sessions with ease:

  • An application that runs on the VR headset
  • An-easy-to-use web-based dashboard, where facilitators can seamlessly control and manage full cohorts of devices, play VR segments, receive real time data from the learners, and present it in class

Our unique features

Randomized conditions

Choice Based Conditions

Conditional response

Heat maps & head tracking

Interactive environment

Ranking questions

Multiple-choice questions

Rating questions

Quizzes and polls

Narrative Trees

Active site visits

Synchronous facilitator control or self-paced experiences

Behavioral analytics

These features provide an opportunity to collect real time data through several types of interactions (multiple choice and ranking questions, choices affecting narrative, etc.).

The app can also track head orientation, search tactics, decision making strategies, and other implicit measures. All this data is collected in real time and can be used for driving meaningful discussions and reflection during the session. Data can also be aggregated and used for tracking progress and research, making VR the ultimate behavioral lab!

Service INSEAD faculty

We understand that leaping into new ways of teaching and training requires a certain set of capabilities. That is why we offer INSEAD faculty personal services to ensure that they get the best value from immersive learning. Throughout the entire process of immersive learning integration, our team will offer you support and assistance on pedagogical, technological and operational aspects, providing you with the tools to become immersive learning experts in INSEAD.

All institutions and organizations

The INSEAD VR content library is powered and produced by AVRIS. If you wish to integrate immersive learning in your organization, please contact the AVRIS team. AVRIS can help you customize exciting experiences to your organization's need or produce new learning experiences.

AVRIS will also assist you in making sure your equipment is compatible with the software or help you get excess to compatible VR headsets via rental or purchase. AVRIS offers online live support during a session, working together with the IT team in your organization to make sure everything runs smoothly, allowing you to focus on delivering the best session.


Every learner should have a VR headset. VR headsets are standalone devices that run on an Android operating system. The software and content run on any Pico device and will be compatible with other devices in the future.

INSEAD faculty can contact us for more details. Other institutions are welcome to contact AVRIS concerning obtaining immersive learning equipment.

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