Getting Started

Academic, Corporate and consultant partners

Getting Started

Academic, Corporate and consultant partners

Turnkey solutions require adaptations to unique and specific requirements of different market segments. Through our extensive experience running immersive learning sessions in academic courses, executive development programs, and corporate settings, we have developed tailored processes to fit for three distinct use cases:

Academic partners

INSEAD has delivered hundreds of VR sessions in degree programs as well as executive development settings. These are typically live, facilitated sessions, in which a faculty member facilitates while applying an immersive case study or simulation. These sessions take place in a physical classroom or in virtual remote sessions. If you would like to start using immersive cases in your teaching curriculum, revamp your current teaching capabilities, and tap into our extensive library of cases.


Corporate partners

Looking for a robust, engaging, and data-driven solution to add to your current learning capabilities?

INSEAD Immersive Learning will contribute to executives, middle management, and team leaders. A crucial and integral part of the experiences we offer is that they come with a full set of data analytics, tracking performance and behavior in the given scenarios to help you personalize L&D for the individual level.

CLOs and HR professionals are constantly looking to enhance the ROI and provide management with the data to help them continuously invest in learning, VR holds the potential to boost learning effectiveness while being cost-effective in a large corporate deployment (see studies conducted by PWC for further details). We offer both synchronous and asynchronous deployment.


Immersive cases are mediated and debriefed by internal learning professionals, driving both individual and team level impact.


Standalone scalable learning experiences that serve for just-in-time training and continues development. The self-paced immersive experiences are data-driven, and react and adapt to a learner's choices and behaviors.

If you're ready to take the leap into the future of learning, let's meet and we can explain about our end-to-end solution.

Consulting agencies

Strategic and management consulting groups, or leadership development firms, often encounter challenges to help their clients change their own reality.

Immersive reality offers presents a unique value proposition for behavioral change and impactful learning. Come, partner with us, and tap into the most extensive immersive library in management and business studies. Learn how to become an immersive facilitator, or use our standalone products to drive your objectives in a much more impactful as well as cost-effective way.

If you're curious on how this partnership can work, just contact us to book a demo for your own consultants.

Become an Immersive Facilitator

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