Lean Operation At CLAAS

A VR immersive learning experience

Lean Operation At CLAAS

A VR immersive learning experience


“Go, look, and see for yourself” (genchi gembutsu) – this basic principle of lean manufacturing, has been rejuvenated in this immersive learning experience. Participants are guided through an experiential journey on the CLAAS tractor factory assembly line, exposing them to lean management best practices and applications. Your participants will have the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look into the factory, explore freely and see lean principles in action. How will they apply what they learned to their own workplace?

Operations, Consulting, Supply Chain Management

Learning objectives

  • Introduce learners to core principles of lean management
  • Explore lean management practices and applications
  • Apply lean management to broader organizational and management practices.
  • Experience plant auditing, reading a plant fast, and rating it
  • Suggesting improvement ideas for the plant’s operation practicum
  • Learn how digital is intertwined with teamwork, and apply the case for discussions on value creation and immersive learning as a digital age solution.

Unique Features

  • Assessment questions
  • Self-Navigation
Type of experience
Interactive Documentary
Duration of VR
Guillaume Roels
Daniel Landau
Alon Epstein

Experience segments - 7

Segment 1
Andon Call
Segment 2
Main Assembly
Segment 3
Cabin Assembly
Segment 4
Morning Briefing
Segment 5
Cleaning Process
Segment 6
Picking Process
Segment 7
Plant Layout

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