Service Operations Strategy at Miraclefeet

Strategic operations in service organizations


Service Operations Strategy at Miraclefeet

Strategic operations in service organizations



The Usa River Clinic in Tanzania is full of patients today. Clinic personnel care for young children suffering from clubfoot - a congenital birth defect limiting mobility - while their mothers hold them in their arms. Patients from all over Tanzania can come to the clinic thanks to MiracleFeet, a non-profit organization providing access to treatment for clubfoot in low income countries. In this experience, participants will immerse as MiracleFeet's advisers, and explore its unique strategic, organizational, and operational model. MiracleFeet is facing significant changes as they plan to expand their offering to middle income countries, and participants are challenged to help them achieve their goals. What new strategies will they develop?

Consulting, Organizationl Behavior, Strategy, Operations

Learning objectives

  • Understanding service journeys and the implications of relationships within the service triangle - front stage, organizations, and customers.
  • Appreciating the subjective experiences of the different players in each point of the triangle, and streamline the processes
  • Improving service processes, reduce bottlenecks, redundancy and waste
  • Understand healthcare as a service – this experience is specifically designed for healthcare organizations
  • Exposing learners to the unique challenges faced by non-profit health organizations
  • Developing alternative strategies for new market entry
  • Analyzing the organization Miraclefeet's value proposition, key success factors and potential risks
  • Expanding and adapting existing service models to new locations
  • Comparing different service designs and their effect on patient experience and care process

Unique Features

  • Narrative fork
  • Assessment questions
  • Interactive interviews
Type of experience
site visit
Duration of VR
Stephen Chick
Alon Epstein
Daniel Landau

Experience segments - 5

Usa River Clinic
Segment 1
The Service Journey
Segment 2
Scaling and Digitizing
Segment 3
Leadership Interviews
Segment 4
Home visitst
Segment 5

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