Negotiating the Future of Spiral Flow

Navigating through leadership, governance, and conflict 


Negotiating the Future of Spiral Flow

Navigating through leadership, governance, and conflict 



See how leadership, decision making, and negotiation come to life in this immersive experience, based on a real-life case. Participants take on a first-person role in an unfolding organizational conflict, when called upon to help make strategic decisions in the evolving narrative of a high-paced Fintech services company. Participants will take the role of a personal advisor, trying to look out for their side’s best interests. They will be confronted with real life dilemmas, forced to make hard decisions that will determine the outcome of the case. Will they be able to help navigate this complicated situation?

Learners can experience the evolving conflict from two perspectives: The hired CEO (Mansour) or the Founders’ (Alex) perspective. 

See how priming and taking on different roles deeply influence the positions and outcome of this adaptive and interactive simulation.

Communication, Consulting, Decision Making, Entrepreneurship, Governance, Negotiation, Leadership, Organizationl Behavior, Financial Decision Making

Learning objectives

  • Apply effective negotiations and communications approaches
  • Expose learners to the complex challenges of senior-level leadership
  • Hone personal leadership skills
  • Provide an effective framework for transitioning into senior management positions
  • Preparation and goal setting for negotiation situations
  • Achieving team engagement around organizational goals
  • Managing communication gaps within teams
  • Applying different approaches to measuring and evaluating employee performance
  • Leading in complex and unknown situations
  • Navigating relationships between board and management

Unique Features

  • Randomized conditions
  • Narrative fork
  • Behavioral data (Heatmap visualization)
  • Assessment questions
  • Value based decision making
Type of experience
Interactive Simulation
Duration of VR
Horacio Falcao
Daniel Landau
Alon Epstein

Experience segments - 4

New Beginnings
Segment 1
Team Celebration
Segment 2
Leadership Meeting
Segment 3
Mediation & resolutions
Segment 4

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