Mission To Mars - The Airlock

Developing and assessing crisis management skills

Mission To Mars - The Airlock

Developing and assessing crisis management skills


As the sun sets on the Mars horizon, two astronauts approach the Ares Mining base camp. A wild sandstorm is raging around them, making it hard to see. Through the light cast down from the airlock shaft, one team member can be seen reaching out to open the door. It slides open and immediately, they both step in, leaving a cloud of dust behind them.

In this experience, participants will hone their crisis management skills in one of two conditions: 

Condition 1: Participants are immersed together with the team members inside the airlock. The door is locked and the air is becoming scarce. What should they do to survive? 

Condition 2: Learners are immersed in the control room of the Ares Mining base camp on Mars. They have to figure out what caused the airlock to seal and help the other team members get out safely. Will they make it on time?

Communication, Consulting, Decision Making, Organizationl Behavior, Leadership, Team Dynamics, Crisis Management, Crisis Management

Learning objectives

  • Effective communication
  • Building trust
  • Personal and organizational resilience
  • After action review – conducting effective interviews
  • Process management and adapting action in times of uncertainty
  • Value-based decision making
  • Accountability - leadership in times of crisis

Unique Features

  • Randomized conditions
  • Assessment questions
  • Interactive interviews
Type of experience
Interactive Simulation
Duration of VR
Thomas Hellwig
Alon Epstein
Daniel Landau

Experience segments - 3

The Airlock
Segment 1
Control room
Segment 2
Segment 3

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