Merging Realities

Managing Growth through Acquisitions & Integration

Merging Realities

Managing Growth through Acquisitions & Integration


Mergers and acquisitions offer great potential for strategic growth through synergies and creating efficiencies in operations, market access, and effective management of human resources. In reality, most of these fail, causing destruction of value and financial loss. Often, it’s the lack of experience and sensitivity of executives and board members that lead to unfavorable outcomes.

Merging Realities immersive experience offers learners the opportunity to play an active role in the evolving rich narrative of two companies going through an acquisition process. Learners take on the role of strategic advisors to either the acquiring company - Global Energy Corp, or to the target - Terra Tech Industries. 

The evolving narrative takes them over the key milestones of the merger to the aftermath in the post merger, assessing what went wrong in the integration. Through this experienceת learners improve their knowledge and skills, and acquire critical tools to improve the chances of successful growth strategies. 


Communication, Consulting, Decision Making, DEI, Governance, Leadership, Change Management, Negotiation, Organizationl Behavior, Strategy, Sustainability, Crisis Management, Financial Decision Making

Learning objectives

  • Understand the potential for strategic growth through mergers and acquisitions.
  • Learn the common pitfalls that lead to value destruction and financial loss.
  • Develop sensitivity and strategic thinking to lead successful mergers.
  • Enhance decision-making skills.
  • Recognize the importance of individual and cultural nuances in the success or failure of a merger.
  • Identify and strategize on potential challenges in the integration of merged entities.
  • Engage with various stakeholders to assess sentiments and navigate through merger complexities.
  • Improve consulting skills and sensitivity to strategic objectives
  • Boardroom dynamics in M&A context

Unique Features

  • Randomized conditions
  • Narrative fork
  • Behavioral data (Heatmap visualization)
  • Interactive environment
  • Assessment questions
  • Interactive interviews
Duration of VR
Laurence Capron
Philipp Meyer - Doyle
Koen Heimeriks (Warwick Business School)

Experience segments - 13

Segment 1
Priming & information gathering
Segment 2
Senior Management
Segment 3
Board meetings + eavesdropping scenes
Segment 4
Board Q&A - Condition dependent
Segment 5
Board meetings + eavesdropping scenes
Segment 6
Board Q&A - Condition dependent
Segment 7
Middle Management - Pre merger
Segment 8
HotSpot Sequence
Segment 9
Middle Management
Segment 10
Middle Management Post Merger
Segment 11
Middle Management interviews
Segment 12
Senior Management - post-merger
Segment 13
GEC Board interviews - post merger

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