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Confronting social & racial inequalities in VR


Market Consulting Group

Confronting social & racial inequalities in VR



The experience follows a proven scenario in business studies – Galleria Markets. Originally designed to test decision making processes, this scenario requires participants to make decisions based on information shared by different characters regarding a shopping mall that is just about to be built.  Participants are assigned the task to make a series of decisions about this new joint venture.

Information is communicated by different individuals, each of different gender and/or race over the five conditions.

Learners will be exposed to the different conclusions that participants have reached in each condition, while keeping all other factors constant. This will serve faculty to debrief and improve decision making processes in teams and raise awareness to the attention bias. This experience offers an innovative tool, opening a new window to understanding flawed decision making and discriminatory behaviour in teams and organizations. As opposed to currently existing DEI training tools, using VR creates a data driven, safe, and repeatable environment to sensitize learners to the sources of discrimination. Moreover, it offers a cost-effective and reliable tool to improve decision making and the values of social equality.

Communication, Decision Making, DEI, Team Dynamics

Learning objectives

  • Elicit and trigger reactions to other team members signaling devaluation of members of negatively stereotyped groups.
  • Data driven teaching used to uncover subconscious cognitions and dysfunctional cultures in teams and individuals
  • Bring the unconscious cognitive biases to the awareness of executives and students, so they can identify them when elicited.
  • Promote global awareness to the impact of discriminatory behaviors and their root causes
  • Leverage diversity through attention allocation to support creative processes in teams.

Unique Features

  • Randomized conditions
  • Narrative fork
  • Behavioral data (Heatmap visualization)
  • Assessment questions
Type of experience
Interactive Simulation
Duration of VR
Zoe Kinias
Modupe Akinola (Columbia Business School)
Theodore Masters Waage
Daniel Landau
Alon Epstein

Experience segments - 4

White male
Segment 1
White female
Segment 2
Black male
Segment 3
Black female
Segment 4

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