Digital transformation

Transforming Customer Journeys in Miral

Digital transformation

Transforming Customer Journeys in Miral


Known for its outstanding service economy, Abu Dhabi offers some of the most unique and interactive customer experiences in the world. This VR experience immerses participants like never before in selected customer journeys across the tourism sector (hotel, theme park, retail store). Through this first-person interactive case we set the stage to discuss how to create outstanding customer experiences. To do so, participants will step in the shoes of visiting tourists and unpack the dynamics and potential points of friction customers might encounter throughout the journey. Learners will have the opportunity to design and/or go through parallel versions of the experience, and thus learn about the unique contribution of different design elements along the customer journey (e.g., presence of tech vs. human interactions).

This experience will help participants acquire new skills and knowledge to tackle an important aspect of a business’ digital transformation: designing, planning and optimizing customer journeys and effectively leveraging data along the value chain. Participants will also learn how to blend human touch and technological innovations to create novel value for customers.


The Immersive Experience includes the following:

• Hotel - multiple interactions at a luxury location simulating a guest journey

• Theme park - visit one of the world's best water parks and interact in critical decision junctions along a visitor's journey

• Retail store - shop like never before in a tech-rich retail environment

Digital Transformation, Marketing, Consulting, Operations

Learning objectives

  • Contextualizing customer journeys in digital vs. high touch formats
  • How to optimize data utilization to create new value for customers and companies
  • Appreciating the dual role of technology in customer journeys – Data as a driver to connect customers and enhancing customer experiences.
  • How to use data as an asset to drive value
  • Acquiring effective ways on how to empower frontline employees to engage customers.
  • Understanding the risks and tradeoffs associated with digitizing customer experiences and journeys

Unique Features

  • Randomized conditions
  • Narrative fork
  • Interactive environment
  • Assessment questions
  • Interactive interviews
  • Value based decision making
Type of experience
Immersive documentary simulation
Duration of VR
David Dubois

Experience segments - 5

Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 3
Water World Park
Segment 4
Segment 5
Corporate level - stakeholder interviews

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