The Corporate Drawbridge

Value based decision making

The Corporate Drawbridge

Value based decision making


Elysium, a cybersecurity company, is holding a cultural event in honor of its CEO's retirement, and celebrating its new strategic turnaround. But a day before the show, the head of sales (and a major stakeholder in the event) quits the company. The other team members are surprised and worried about the implications for the company and the upcoming event. Can the show really go on?
Participants immerse themselves as the new executive assistant of the company, hired by the new CEO to be his eyes and ears on the ground. Learners will have to be very vigilant to understand the dynamics between company sub-groups and cultures, and how these might affect the company. This immersive experience will elicit social and cognitive biases. Participants will play an active role and make decisions based on their own judgment and understanding of the situation and characters.

Communication, Consulting, DEI, Leadership, Change Management, Organizationl Behavior, Team Dynamics

Learning objectives

  • Implications of transition of power and its effects on individuals, groups, and organizations
  • Effective change management and engaging key stakeholders
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Growing through challenges - encouraging a culture of accountability in organizations
  • The role of culture in organizational dynamics
  • Building a culture of trust
  • Micro-cultures in organizations - how to enhance a sense of "One Company" identity

Unique Features

  • Narrative forks
  • Behavioral data (Heatmap visualization)
  • Assessment questions
Type of experience
Immersive case study
Duration of VR
Derek Deasy
Alon Epstein
Daniel Landau

Experience segments - 4

Segment 1
The Lobby
Segment 2
The Team
Segment 3
Green room
Segment 4
The Stage

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