Al Mouneer - Envisioning the Opportunity

Leading growth and new market penetration


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This experience exposes learners to the challenges associated with localization of strategy in a healthcare business organization, touching on regulation, culture, and other issues common in new market penetration. Learners are exposed to the efforts invested to make an impact on the diabetes pandemic, by using digital tools, and mindset changing efforts. A written case and an interactive documentary experience take learners to Egypt and Abu Dhabi. The case invites participants to an immersive visit of medical clinics and a deeper understanding of the impact of modern lifestyles on the health of populations, as well as the efforts to help rectify this reality.

Leadership, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Operations, Supply chain management, Governance, Marketing, Change management, Operations

Learning objectives

  • Localizing strategy
  • Creating synergies through strategic partnerships
  • Building effective service strategies
  • Impactful practices in customer management
  • Market penetration through service adaptation
  • Healthcare systems management

Unique Features

  • Questions
Type of experience
Interactive Documentary
Duration of VR
Daniel Landau
Ithai Stern
Alon Epstein
Chengyi Lin
Ridhima Aggarwal

Experience segments - 6

Introduction to Al Mouneer
Segment 1
Dokki clinic
Segment 2
Shubra clinic
Segment 3
Al Mouneer as a tech company
Segment 4
Diabetes and lifestyle in Egypt
Segment 5
The future - UAE and Abu Dhabi
Segment 6

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