Shea Seeds: The AAK Kolo Nafaso Program

Designing sustainable supply chains


Shea Seeds: The AAK Kolo Nafaso Program

Designing sustainable supply chains



This immersive experience takes learners to the Shea Belt in south Saharan Western Africa where 4 million (mostly) women earn their livelihood from picking and processing Shea seeds. Shea butter has become a key ingredient in cosmetics as well as in food and confectionary industries. However, traditional supply chains left very little value in the hands of the growers, earning the equivalent of less than 1USD per month, while middlemen enjoyed all the proceedings and rise in demand. Leaners will be exposed and play an active role in how to transform outdated forms of commerce and supply chain management into more sustainable, as well as fair. Exposed to a very successful project developed by AAK, the global leader in Shea Butter processing and trade, participants will learn how to think about engaging with small holder suppliers to create value for all stakeholders in the value chain. This project is developed with and co-funded by AAK. 

Supply Chain Management, Creativity & Innovation, Marketing, Operations, Sustainability

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the concept of sustainability in the perspective of supply chain management
  • Realise value creation and value capturing within supply chains
  • Design plans to create both financial benefits with positive social impact
  • Business as a force for good - leading sustainable growth

Unique Features

  • Narrative fork
  • Interactive environment
  • Assessment questions
  • Interactive interviews
  • Self-Navigation
Type of experience
site visit
Duration of VR
Daniel Landau
Alon Epstein
Amitava Chattopadhyay

Experience segments - 8

Segment 1
Kolo nafaso
Segment 2
Quality processing
Segment 3
Shea evacuation
Segment 4
AAK operations
Segment 5
Impact - community
Segment 6
Impact - market
Segment 8
AAK customers project
segment 8

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