Design Thinking in Action – The shea supply chain

Improving lives and processes through Design Thinking

Design Thinking in Action – The shea supply chain

Improving lives and processes through Design Thinking


Over 2 million women in Western Africa earn most of their living from collecting and processing shea seeds. This pivotal crop is an integral part of the culinary as well as the economic reality of the region. 

In this immersive experience, participants are assigned the role of consultants to the new Ghana country manager of AAK - a multinational that processes and trades in shea. Learners are tasked with diagnosing the key problems and are asked to provide recommendations on how to improve the value output. Guide participants through the process of identifying the problem, gaining intimate understanding of the process and clients, and develop solutions to any pain points uncovered. Participants will need to gather and analyze information from various sources to propose viable and helpful solutions while navigating through misconceptions and conflicting sources of information.

Consulting, Creativity & Innovation, Decision Making, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sustainability

Learning objectives

  • Apply the design thinking model on a real live situation
  • Improve understanding and capabilities in new product development and product adaptation
  • Sensitize learners to cultural and geographical opportunities and constraints in product development
  • Develop and design sustainable and responsible products
  • The importance of sustainability and social impact in product development.

Unique Features

  • Interactive environment
  • Assessment questions
  • Interactive interviews
  • Self-Navigation
Type of experience
Interactive Documentary
Duration of VR
Amitava Chattopadahyay
Joerg Niessing

Experience segments - 5

Segment 1
Is there a problem?
Segment 2
Defining the problem
Segment 3
high level interviews
Segment 4
Research - investigating the local environment & community
Segment 5
The Solution

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